senior  Stylist

With Jelly Beanz since 2013

Hello my name is Sarah I am a senior stylist and I have been with Jelly Beanz since December 2013, since being at the salon I have completed my advanced Level in hairdressing

Since being here I have attended Vidal Sassoon’s training academy to work on suitability, shape, psychology and technique it was a truly amazing experience and I have introduced a lot of the key aspects I learnt into my work.

What I really enjoy is putting hair up, the creativity and beautiful looks I can create, and that is why I have been leading the hair up training within the salon.

Recently, I've been attending L’Oréal’s training academy, which has helped me develop a more personalised style of my own to bring to my work. 


Great Service Thank you so much, I Always enjoy the time at jelly beanz, I love my new cut And even when I have no appointment I can come straight in.